Style meets durability

The fabric print is ideal and available in a variety of colors for outdoor and indoor us.

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Recommended for outdoor use,  due to its durability and is ideal for waterproof bean bags. While it is a very durable cloth, it is made for non-Mediterranean countries, there for it does not have much resistance to the sun.

Ideal use:

  • Outdoor and indoor areas
  • Beach, garden

* their use in a pool area is not indicated.

Technical specifications

  • Waterproof fabric
  • Fabric stability
  • Light colors are resistant to fading with maximum protection ☼ note 5-6
  • Washable in the washing machine at low temperature (max 30°C)
  • Away from chlorinated liquids


Polyester PVC


SL 01

SL 02

SL 03

SL 04

SL 05

SL 06

SL 07

SL 08

Siri blue 323

Siri lime 324

Siri pink 325

Makumba blue 646

Makumba yellow/blue 647

Makumba purple 648

Makumba green 649

Makumba grey 650

Pietra 01

Pietra 02

Pietra 03

Fabrics Specifications