Unique design for moments of absolute relaxation! The bean bags of the Aegean Floating Collection are based on an innovative manufacturing technique, that gives you the opportunity to use them inside the pool as well.

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The inner cover allows the easily removal of the outer cover to be cleaned, either by hand or in the washing machine in low temperature. The bean bags of the Aegean Floating collection are recommended for use inside the pool and their cover is 100% waterproof with 5 years guarantee for its durabily of the color and chlorine, meanwhile the process of the threads is realized with non toxic and non cancer causing colors. Due to CLEANGARD of Elf atochem with special ecological process against dirt, the appearance of mold is being prevented. Available in a large variety of colors and ideal to be used in outdoor spaces (beach, garden, pool). They can also be produced with other fabrics of the fabric collection of Poufomania and be used for beach use.

Where greek summer is, there are games and moments of relaxation in the water, whether it is the deep blue seas of an island or the enjoyable comfort of a swimming pool. This experience can become richer, more fun and more relaxing? It can! Our innovative floating bean bags, give at the summer a new dimension of relaxing luxury. With the design and construction vigilance of Poufomania, your living room comes to the beach..

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