These days, free time is limited. Poufomania, takes care to enjoy the moments of relaxation that we all deserve, with unique style and refinement, without limitation of quality and ergonomics. Since 1989, Poufomania has been designing and producing exclusively in Greece, lightweight, flexible and mostly comfortable seats located on beaches, homes, offices and restaurants around the world

Designed by and for comfortable people, who appreciate every minute relaxing and done in style

Feel comfortable wherever you are

In Poufomania, the focus is on the human being. Our goal is to create exclusive indoor and outdoor seats that give easthetics and blend harmoniously with the respective environment. Man has external and internal beauty.

So is life, we must enjoy it inside and out. Whether you are in a beautiful garden, a courtyard, a magnificent beach, a swimming pool, a living room or a hotel, Poufomania seats are there to offer the comfort, elegance and functionality that it is required.

Our designs meet the needs of even the most demanding customer

Famous durability that withstands time

Poufomania products are made with different qualities of fabrics to withstand time even in the most difficult conditions. Depending on the use, such as ultraviolet (UV) salt, moisture and mold.

Durability combined with style and comfort, has placed us at the top of preferences.


We are proud, because the customers who choose our seats are so pleased, that they use them many years regardless of their frequency of use. This is because we choose the best certified materials without minding the production costs. So they feel confident that one of our seats will offer them moments of enjoyment and carefree for many years..

Are quality, innovation, simplicity and consistency

Discreet luxury: our seats are modern but at the same time elegant, with simple, clean lines without exaggeration. This makes our products timeless.

Durable quality: Poufomania does not discount quality. We choose with very strict criteria the best materials especially for the outdoor areas without leaving aside those for indoor use. Top durability is commitment for us.

Innovation: research and development is one of the main pillars of our company. The unstoppable passion of our people, leads us to new ways of inspiration and creation.

Comfort: each Poufomania seat is a unique experience of comfort and relaxation. Relax in one of them and you will understand for yourself what exactly we mean.

Respect: the ethos that characterizes our company, makes us having respect for people and the environment. We ensure the best possible working conditions for our employees and we choose as environmentally friendly and recyclable materials as possible.

High aesthetics, timeless elegance and top quality at prices.. comfortable!

The obsession in detail, the siple design and the emphasis on ergonomics and functionality are part of our company’s philosophy.

This is what our designers have in mind when thinking about the next project-seat of Poufomania.