Project:  Center for the Critical Appreciation of Antiquity Episode 2: Crash Pad Revisited- Gallery Weekend Berlin

Architect: Andreas Angelidakis

Photographer: Matthias Lindner


Blocks’ Construction: Poufomania

On April 28-May 7 2023, coinciding with Gallery Weekend Berlin, Audemars Piguet Contemporary presented Center for the Critical Appreciation of Antiquity Episode 2:
Crash Pad Revisited, by Andreas Angelidakis.

The installation is the second episode of the commissioned work presented at Espace Niemeyer, Paris, in October 2022.This presentation of Crash Pad, the Greek artist revisits his soft-pieces environment, which he had first conceived for the 8th Berlin Biennale, in 2014, and exhibited at KW Institute for Contemporary Art. Center for the Critical Appreciation of Antiquity explores our relationship to archeology and, for the artist, it represents an archaeology of the self and of the history of his own art practice. The soft pieces are both sculptures and functional furniture made of foam and printed fabric. They invite visitors to use the art space for conversations and social interactions.

In the 2014 version of Crash Pad, the soft pieces were covered with handwoven carpets. In the 2022 version of the work, the soft pieces were fabricated in the style of ancient
Greek columns – “soft ruins,” as the artist has called them.For the Berlin version of Crash Pad, Angelidakis has once again coved the objects in oriental carpets. The environment
invites a reconsideration of the complex history of Greece, from its celebrated antiquity to the largely forgotten Ottoman period.

Poufomania constructed the blocks.